In the wake of the holiday season, many parents in Louisiana may take the opportunity to go for walks with their children. They put their child in a stroller and head out. Some disturbing news involving a product recall may prompt people to check the label on their stroller before using it this week.

Aria Child, Inc., a stroller manufacturer, has reportedly recalled nearly 30,000 strollers as allegedly defective products. According to news reports, there is a danger that the strollers in question could fold up while being used. Reports indicate that either the child or the person pushing the stroller could fall if the stroller folds up while in use. There is also reportedly a danger that the person pushing the stroller could suffer lacerations if the stroller folds during use.

The strollers involved are marked with the Qbit Strollers brand and have model numbers 10AW1G-CIR5U, 10AW1G-CHA4U, 10AW1G-WHT2U and 10AW1G-RAS2U. The strollers were manufactured between March 2015 and March 2016 and were sold between May 2015 and November 2016. Their retail price was about $180. Consumers with strollers bearing the above model numbers should stop using them immediately and contact the manufacturer for a free replacement.

A defective stroller can pose a hazard to children and adults alike. Defective conditions in any product can be the result of faulty design, faulty manufacture or an insufficient warning. Manufacturers have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure their products are safe for any foreseeable use. If reasonable steps are not taken, the manufacturer and other parties may be liable if serious injury results.

Source:, “Nearly 30,000 strollers recalled for pinching and fall hazard,” Dec. 21, 2016