Though differences in lifestyle will dictate what individuals prefer, all people have the same basic requirements to survive: food, shelter and access to basic services. When it comes to food though, a New Orleans resident may choose from a variety of products, both fresh and processed, that can serve their physiological needs, as well as satisfy their discriminating palettes.

Although most of the products on grocery store and supermarket shelves have passed rigorous quality control testing and meet rigid safety standards for consumer protection, some dangerous products slip through the cracks. Particularly, products that are generally safe may leave their factories containing dangerous bacteria or other pathogens that may cause consumers to become sick.

Unsafe foods can be affected by a number of food poisoning causing illnesses, such as E.coli, salmonella, listeria and norovirus. While some individuals may contract these sicknesses and recover on their own, others may suffer serious illnesses and harm that can threaten their lives.

When a food producer learns that it may have put a dangerous product into consumers’ hands, it may issue a recall of the product to prevent further spread of the contaminated food. Depending upon how quickly that product recall is issued many people may contract the food borne illness contaminating the product. Those who suffer harm sometimes have rights to sue for their losses based on their personal injuries and harm.

Dangerous products exist in practically every industry, including the food industry. From large-scale agricultural enterprises to local restaurants and grocers, unsafe foods can get into consumers’ hands and cause serious illnesses and harm. Attorneys who work in the products liability field can offer people who have been harmed by this serious problem with understanding their legal rights and their options for pursuing litigation.