Accidents occur despite the best intentions of the parties involved. For example, many collisions happen when drivers are unable to give their full attention to the road and. Accidents on New Orleans roads are unfortunately common, but the victims of these occurrences do not simply have to accept them as chance happenings and endure the costs they bear without question.

A significant number of accidents happen because the responsible drivers are distracted from the important task of driving safely. There are a number of distractions that may affect a driver’s attention, including cell phone use, conversations with passengers, eating, drinking, personal grooming, and others. When these distractions lead a driver to cause an accident, that individual may be held liable for their negligence.

At the law firm of Frischhertz, Poulliard, Frischhertz, Impastato, our attorneys are prepared to discuss the diverse scenarios that led to our clients to become victims of dangerous car accidents. We recognize that every car accident story is different and that our clients’ losses as a result of those accidents will vary depending upon the traumas they sustained. As such, we offer our clients legal experience and knowledge that allows them to make informed legal decisions about how they wish to pursue compensation for their accident-related losses.

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