In a matter of moments, the course of a New Orleans family’s life was forever changed. Two brothers, one 32-years-old, married and expecting his first child, and the other 20-years-old, and on his way to a soccer game, were driving down Chef Menteur Highway. The older brother was behind the wheel and left work early to deliver his younger brother to his athletic match.

Suddenly, a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction struck them head-on. The other vehicle crossed the median of the road and traveled into oncoming traffic, where it collided with the brothers’ car. The older brother died from the injuries he sustained in the crash, while the younger brother is still hospitalized after the fatal car accident.

The driver of the vehicle that crossed the median and their passenger were both injured as well. But, law enforcement officials have not announced yet if that driver will face any criminal charges for their role in the tragedy. Regardless of how the criminal aspects of the matter resolve, a Louisiana family is left with a gaping hole to fill through the loss of the deceased victim.

His wife, now on course to become a single parent, will bring their child into the world without the man she intended to have by her side. A family will have to bury a loved one and hope that another is able to recover and not succumb to the injuries he sustained in the deadly crash.

The family’s losses are already immeasurable, and it is possible that their hardships will grow. However, the guidance and support of a personal injury attorney, they may explore their legal options for pursuing their losses and compensation for the suffering they have survived.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “Expectant father killed in New Orleans East car crash, family says,” Marcia Clark, May 1, 2017