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The Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful view for many of the residents of New Orleans. However, some also derive benefits from this impressive body of water beyond its aesthetic appeal: it provides them with job opportunities.

From anglers on seagoing vessels, to workers on oil platforms out in the Gulf, there are multitudes of career paths that may lead a person to the water. And, while many of the jobs that take men and women out into the open water, they may subject them to dangers not otherwise possible to experience on dry ground.

The constant presence of water can create slipping hazards on ships, oil rigs and other water-based vessels. Additionally, storms and unpredictable weather patterns may turn otherwise safe conditions into treacherous events that threaten the health and safety of those unfortunate enough to be caught in them.

A person injured on a rig or injured on a seagoing vessel may find, despite taking every precaution to avoid getting hurt, they still experience personal injuries and losses because of their accidents. They may have to return to land to seek medical treatment, and they may require time to heal.

Situations, such as these, fall under the complex legal area of admiralty and maritime law. At the law firm of Frischhertz, Poulliard, Frischhertz, Impastato, LLC, our attorneys not only work with the rules and regulations of admiralty and maritime law, but also support clients who have suffered harm in these water-based incidents. Through their dedicated commitment to offshore accident victims, our attorneys are currently inviting new clients to learn more about their extensive personal injury legal practice.

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