The modern world is replete with conveniences. For example, no longer do New Orleans residents have to wash their clothing by hand – they simply have to throw their shirts and pants into a washing machine with some soap and push a button to have their apparel scrubbed and rinsed as they engage in other activities. There are countless other examples of how consumer products have improved the quality and efficiency of humans’ lives and countless ways that people have benefited from the goods they are able to purchase.

However, while many of the products that Louisiana residents can buy from their favorite retailers are safe and straightforward to use, some slip through the cracks of their developers’ manufacturing processes and enter the consumer stream with defects and other latent problems. One hidden issue that can cause victims to suffer serious product-related injuries is an inadequate warning that fails to demonstrate a potential hazard a consumer could encounter when using the item.

Warnings should provide consumers with information on how to avoid harm and injuries, and should explain both safe and unsafe uses of the products. If a consumer suffers harm when using a product in an appropriate way and was not warned about the potential for injury, then that product may suffer from a warning defect and raise a case of product liability for the victim and producer of the item.

At our law firm, we know that product-related injuries can be devastating and can inflict long-term suffering upon their victims. For that reason, our law firm may be able to help evaluate potential products liability cases with our clients. To learn more about our law firm and inadequate warnings on products, please visit our website.