Over the last year, news about the pharmaceutical industry has made headlines. From stories about the skyrocketing prices of life-saving medications to developments in new medicinal treatments, New Orleans residents are able to glimpse into the world of the drug industry. While for the most part individuals who must take prescription medications benefit from their use of pharmaceuticals, there is a small portion of the population that suffers harm when taking medications developed by the drug industry.

These individuals are victims of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. People who have bad reactions to properly made and labeled drugs generally do not fall into this category as these individuals may be allergic to the drugs or otherwise may be unable to tolerate them unlike the majority of others. Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are drugs that are improperly made or improperly labeled that can hurt the people who take them to improve their health.

When a person is harmed by a dangerous drug then that victim may have a products liability claim against the company that created the medication. For example, a company that puts into the stream of commerce pills that are marked with the wrong dosage may be liable for the injuries and illnesses people suffer if they rely on those marked dosages and suffer overdoses as a result.

There are many ways that pharmaceuticals may suffer from defects that make them dangerous to the people who need them for their well-being. Victims of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs do often have legal options for seeking damages for their losses and it is usually through filing a products liability claim that they are able to pursue compensation. The law firm of Frischhertz, Poulliard, Frischhertz, Impastato is prepared to retain new clients who have sustained losses through their use of dangerous pharmaceutical products.