Working a job in an already hazardous environment is stressful enough. In addition, workers should never have to worry about whether the equipment required to complete the work is going to operate correctly, especially when their safety depends on it.

Would you be willing to work 10 stories up on scaffolding that may, or may not, hold? What about attempting to repair a jammed-up machine, only to have it release right about the time you stick your hand inside, thereby crushing it? These are the types of situations no workers expects, and these types of accidents should not happen. Injuries caused by defective work equipment do not have to take place, and can be prevented with the correct inspection and maintenance schedules carried out. However, there are instances in which an accident is due to manufacturer error.

On some occasions, injuries caused by defective conditions are of no fault to the employer. If a manufacturer has provided a company with defective work equipment causing a worker to be injured by its failure to perform, then the worker, as well as their employer, may sue the manufacturer under product liability. This scenario could result in a package compensation award for both workers’ compensation as well as personal injury.

If you have been injured in an on the job accident cause by defective work equipment, working with an experienced attorney can help you determine if you are entitled to further compensation from the manufacturer, in addition to workers’ compensation. Further, they may help you retain the services of a non-biased, independent inspector to validate your claim.