As summer comes into full swing, it may come time for you to take a vacation on a cruise ship. Going on a cruise is great for family fun or a romantic getaway. While having a good time at sea, you may sustain a cruise ship injury

According to a recent survey, nearly 10% of travelers sustain a personal injury during a cruise. This is partially due to the very nature of cruise ships. These ships combine the fun and conveniences of a wide variety of activities and establishments, including restaurants, theaters, swimming pools and retail stores. Here are some of the most common ways you can get hurt as a passenger on a cruise ship this summer.

Slip, trip or fall accidents

Falling hazards abound on cruise ships. Slippery floors, cluttered hallways, poor lighting, sudden changes in walking surfaces and defective stairs all pose potential risks. Cruise lines have a duty to ensure their ships are safe. Negligence to do this may cause an injury and prompt a lawsuit.

Food poisoning

The food you consume while on a cruise may not always be safe. Kitchen and waitstaff have the responsibility to prepare and handle food according to strict health and safety guidelines. Negligent staff members may cause you to contract food poisoning.

Assault, theft and other crimes

Sadly, you cannot trust all guests or crew members to be respectful or law-abiding. Sometimes, criminal offenses occur on cruise lines that result in injury or other losses. Cruise companies should implement proper security tools and protocols, such as security cameras, security guards and functional locking mechanisms on guest room doors. If the cruise line is negligent in implementing and maintaining security measures, you may be able to hold it liable for any ensuing injuries you suffer.

Pursuing a lawsuit for a cruise ship injury may involve maritime laws rather than state laws.