Motorcycle accidents are not exactly rare in Louisiana. In fact, in 2018, nearly 1,250 riders died or sustained serious injuries in motorcycle crashes in the Pelican State. If you regularly ride in New Orleans, you should understand why these accidents tend to occur. 

There are a variety of ways to have a motorcycle accident that do not require another vehicle. For example, inclement weather may cause your bike to slide. Still, negligent drivers frequently contribute to motorcycle crashes. Here are three common causes of New Orleans motorcycle accidents and some tips on preventing each one: 

1. Car doors

Motorcycle riders often refer to the three-foot space around parked cars as the death zone. This makes sense, as a car door can suddenly open in front of you before you have time to react. If you want to avoid this type of accident, stay out of the death zone. If you must ride near parked cars, though, try to decrease your speed to maximize your stopping distance. 

2. Rear-end collisions

Distracted drivers are a problem on roadways across the country. Unfortunately, if a motorist runs his or her vehicle into the back of your bike, you are apt to sustain a serious injury. Therefore, try to make your bike as visible as you can. Also, stop at the side of the driving lane whenever possible. 

3. Lane changes

Even though vehicle technology has advanced significantly in recent years, drivers still have blind spots. If a driver changing lanes does so into the side of your vehicle, you are apt to have a collision. Therefore, always look for the driver’s eyes in his or her side mirror. Additionally, watch for indications that a motorist may be moving over, including turn signals, turned wheels or glances over the shoulder. 

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you want to enjoy your ride without worrying about sustaining a life-altering injury. While wearing protective gear is always a good idea, you should also understand why motorcycle collisions usually happen.