Even though the number of serious car accidents in Louisiana has dropped in recent years, car crashes are not uncommon. In fact, more than 71,000 individuals sustained some type of injury in an automobile accident in 2019 alone. Sometimes, injured drivers and passengers must undergo life-saving surgical operations. 

If you have to have surgery after a collision, you are apt to face a long road to recovery. While you may be able to pursue reasonable compensation from the negligent driver who caused your injuries, your life may never be quite the same again. Even worse, you may develop serious complications following surgery. Here are three common ones:

1. Infection

Even though surgeons sterilize surgical instruments, hospitals can be germ-ridden places. When you are recovering from an operation, you may develop a severe infection. While many infections are treatable, others are more difficult to manage. Even worse, an infection may lead to additional complications, such as pneumonia, amputation or gangrene.

2. Pulmonary embolism

Surgery often increases an individual’s risk of developing pulmonary embolism. This medical condition occurs when blood clots make their way to the lungs. The potentially fatal condition is more common in the immediate aftermath of surgery, but you may have a risk of developing it for months after your operation.

3. Depression

Major surgeries can trigger post-surgical depression and anxiety. As such, it is important to monitor your mental health carefully in the weeks following a surgical procedure. If you experience any of the following, you may have an increased chance of developing depression: 

  • Chronic pain 
  • Related illnesses 
  • A lengthy recovery 
  • Mobility limitations 
  • Life changes 

If you sustain a serious injury in an automobile accident, surgery may save your life. Unfortunately, though, your health is not necessarily out of the woods when you leave the recovery room. By understanding some common complications that often accompany surgical procedures, you can better plan for recovering completely from your injury.