Injuries can happen anywhere. When you are driving, on the clock at work or shopping at the store, you are vulnerable to an event that could leave you seriously physically harmed. Though this is scary, such possibilities rarely come to fruition unless negligence occurs. Defined as the failure to properly care or take caution, neglect is one of the most common causes of serious accidents and injuries.

What leads up to this point, though, and causes the negligence that is so often at the root of such incidents? There is a myriad of potential answers to this question, but there are a few common reasons why individual negligence can cause injury. The following are three examples to look out for. 


Drugs, unfortunately, are a common cause of the negligent actions that cause innocent people to suffer injuries. This is true on the road, at work and elsewhere, too. Illegal drugs are an obvious risk, and even drugs that are commonly touted as harmless — such as marijuana — impair certain parts of the brain. The same is true of prescription drugs. Just because a doctor prescribed the medication does not mean it is harmless.


Alcohol, similarly, can contribute to the impairment that causes negligence. Even one drink can delay a person’s reaction times and impair motor skills, and this is a recipe for disaster in any situation. If you have sustained an injury from a person who was negligent due to inebriation, you should seek medical attention and consider pursuing legal recourse, too. 


Drowsiness is often overlooked as a potential cause of negligence, but it is yet another common factor. A person who has not gotten enough sleep may be just as impaired as a person who is drunk or on drugs. Drowsy drivers are particularly dangerous, and this is a common problem when it comes to truck drivers. Regardless of the context, if another person’s drowsiness caused you to suffer an injury, it may be wise to seek help.