How Gulf Of Mexico Oil Platform Accidents Commonly Occur

Even highly trained and skilled workers face dangerous conditions when they head to work on offshore rigs and oil platforms. You can take all the right safety precautions and still end up severely injured because someone else acted unsafely.

At Frischhertz & Impastato, we are experienced advocates for offshore oil platform workers who have been injured in the Gulf of Mexico. Each situation is different, but there are some circumstances in which injuries are particularly likely to occur.

1. Personnel basket transfers

If you work on an offshore oil platform, the most dangerous part of your job may be your commute. By trying transport workers out to the rig as quickly and cheaply as possible, your employer could put you in a dangerous condition. Many oil rig workers take a crew boat out to the rig, and then get hoisted in a personnel basket from the boat to the platform. When the seas are particularly rough, workers can be placed in situations with high risks of slips, falls and other injuries.

2. Rig fires and explosions

Fires and explosions make up a large portion of fatal oil rig accidents and typically get the most publicity when they occur. While your company likely has strict safety rules aimed at preventing fires and explosions, workers can make mistakes when exhausted or under pressure to perform their jobs quickly.

3. Equipment injuries

You may be well-trained on using equipment safely, but that doesn’t mean everyone else on the rig is. Platforms may host workers from multiple different companies with different levels of training, who have not been trained on coordinating their work in the same workspace. Lack of communication and coordination among teams can lead to disaster when a piece of equipment or machinery strikes an unsuspecting worker.

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