I Was Injured On The Gulf Of Mexico: What Are My Employer’s Responsibilities?

Whether your employer is your captain or a company headquartered far inland, they have specific responsibilities to you under the Jones Act and other laws. In general, they are responsible for keeping their employees safe and taking care of any crew member who gets hurt.

As a seaman, you can expect your employer to:

  • Provide and maintain a seaworthy vessel: Just because your vessel floats does not mean it is necessarily seaworthy. All equipment should be properly tested and maintained, and your employer is responsible for adequately addressing any problems with the vessel or its equipment.
  • Take necessary precautions to prevent injuries among crew: All crew members should be trained in how to safely perform their job, including in rough seas and other difficult conditions. Crew schedules should be set to ensure that workers are sufficiently rested to perform their jobs.
  • Provide maintenance and cure if someone gets hurt: Regardless of how an injury or illness happened, if a seaman gets hurt or sick on the job, it is their employer’s responsibility to provide them medical care and basic living expenses under the maritime law doctrine of maintenance and cure.

If Your Employer Falls Down On The Job, You Have Options

Unfortunately, not all employers take these responsibilities seriously. If your employer has neglected some of their responsibilities and you have been hurt as a result, you have legal options.

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